Funny Family Jokes In English

        Funny Family Jokes In English

Amazing family

 A family had 5 sisters,

 The name of one was: Broken

 Second name -: torn

 Third Name: Faded

 Name of the fourth:

 Name of fifth: - Ghost

 One day guests came to see the girl at their house!

 Mummy asked, would you sit on the chair or on the mat?

 Guests: - On the chair

 Mummy: - Broken !!  Bring a chair,

 Guests: - No, we will sit on the mat,

 Mother: - Torn !!  Bring the mat,

 Guests: - Let it be, we will sit on the ground,

 (Guests sat on the ground)

 Mummy: - Will you drink tea or milk?

 Guests: - Tea,

 Mummy: - Faded !!  Bring tea

 Guests: - No, let us have tea, bring us milk,

 Mother: - Mary !!  Bring the milk of disguise,

 Guests: - Let us not want anything

 Just show the girl,

 Mummy: - Daughters !!  Bring the ghost,

 Guest: - Faint!!


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