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{*Latest} Reality For The People In Life Information.

{*Latest} Reality For The People In Life.

Hello Friends , In This  Anyone People Reality Of The Life.
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If a wealthy person goes to take a sari for his house in the marriage of his daughter, then he tells the shopkeeper to show a light sari for a maid ... and to take the sari for the daughter of the same house, she says, to give a heavy sari to the daughter of Seth. The question is, who is rich and poor in this ????
: The meaning of Gujarat

80% of world's diamonds

Where polishing happens


From the pan of pan

Cricket bat gets advice


There are no corners in the world

Asking only one



New clothes from potions,

Bike lukhav nu gabho,

Make a ball to play hoot


Why do you ask yourself a question?

Can also be answered

Have fun?


The road to where someone's address is addressed

Instead of showing it to the house


From the side of the vegetables

Neem and two chillies take over


Any song of world

Can play garba on


Chevondo, Fafda, Jalebi, and Dulong


Riches, patience and pursuit


From the phone company

Returns the balance too


Bar gau bolley varies


Right hand of India
The meaning of \ Gujarat

Of the poor

Yes, my Gujarat Yes ..........

                        Need to read ...

The first day when the first date was coming,

In a small house of fifty years,

The money was low .. the house was small.
There was also happiness not facilities.

(1) Thus, the last day of the month is called the final date ie 30 or 31. On this day, the school two periods were released early. So it was fun to go home on the last day of the month and play more.

(2) When someone took a cyclist at home, touching him would tell me when I would have cycled. When my father gave me his cycle for the first time and half a pedal in between the danda taught me to ride my bike,
The moment he was entertained by many lives.

(3) If there was a guest at home, everyone was well-versed in the house, would talk about it ... In the diner, mom would make better. Jogata till late .. When the guest went, he was going to put the bus up to the bus, the guest ran to eat the next house. (Today, no matter what happens at my TV serial, it is far from being talked about outside the house)

(4) Vacation was also a pleasure .. at home of Mama ... uncle lived there days of the day, despite being persuaded for a summer vacation, we realized that we had come to Switzerland.

(5) The school bag means the bag of clothes, when it is called sacchar, when a bag of vegetables is not available in the house, mom takes out the discarded vegetables and then returns to us again, if there is a sweet potato or an aluminum bag in the school, The party is.

(6) If there was a rain, then there was no pleasure of water, but the thrill of play would be different, some photos were displayed on useless melodies.

(7) Watching the film was so much like working to climb Everest, because it would have to stand one hour in order to take a ticket,
When a lonely stand on the theater was standing, it was said to be Lala, his job was to stand in the incoming line to take the ticket, he hit the line breaker with a stick stick,
 People were standing on the line even after eating.
When standing in the line, remember all the futures and tell that God keep my ticket till the number of times till I reach the ticket window.
And when I got the ticket, I enjoyed the American visa as much.

(8) If there was going to be dinner for dinner, many days before the preparation was going on, when the marriage was going on in a row, the guests would sit on the plate, if the first stage seemed to be VIP to eat.

(9) New clothes can be found only in Diwali, as well as going to get the clothes cheap, shopkeepers stand in their shop, set their size, and throw clothes, if the pickup is done, direct footpath starts, often mom wearing clothes on footpath Taking a look at the new clothes, not to squeeze the scale, the feeling of new cloth increased the blood.

(10) In the entire society there was a fridge at the house of the first gentleman, sometimes in the summer, when the ice tray was found in the hands of the ice tray, it was as if I felt cold in my body. I had a phone at home. Due to the call, the reason is that the phone was only due to bad news, because the good news was coming to the postcard.

Today is understood that
Not in happiness facilities,
Small things were happy,
The reason was that the last date was coming,

Today is the date, but it is not the final.
The first date is the same day.

Today's big home, TV, Bank balances though ...

We look for happiness !!

# Did not know who wrote but found happiness on the Watts App
I lost my childhood
Games lost my ankle

Japan  Japan Japan πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘.                          

Today we will share some interesting facts with Japan! You probably do not know! !!

πŸ‘Œ1. There are about 1500 earthquakes every year in Japan! ! That means four every day !!

πŸ‘Œ2. The "Japan" is the only nation that does not give "citizenship" to Muslims.

"Even in Japan," Muslims "do not even get a house for rent.

πŸ‘Œ3 In any "university" in Japan, "Arabic" or any other "Islamic language" is not taught.

πŸ‘Œ4. A dog breeder, every Japanese citizen, keeps a special bag with him while rotating it !! In which he "collects" his stool.

πŸ‘Œ5 In Japan, until children age 10, children do not have to "test".

πŸ‘Œ6. In Japan, "children," and "teachers" together, clean up the classroom.

πŸ‘Œ7. Japan's people, the average age is highest in the world !! (82 years old)

πŸ‘Œ In Japan, there are 50,000 people over 100 years old! !!

πŸ‘Œ8. Japan does not have any kind of "natural resources"! !

And they also catch every year, "hundreds of earthquakes" too !! But even after that, "Japan is the world's second largest," economic power "!!.

πŸ‘Œ9. "Sumo" is Japan's most popular "game" !! Apart from this, it is quite popular !!

πŸ‘Œ10. In Japan, most people have read! ! Where literacy rate is 100% !!

πŸ‘Œ Where, in news-and-news channels, like India, there is no news on accidents, politics, debates, film spices, etc. !!

πŸ‘Œ Here, in newspapers, modern information and urgent reports are printed !!!

πŸ‘Œ11 In Japan, books which are published !! 20% of them are Comic Books !!

πŸ‘Œ12 In Japan, New Year's reception is done, by ringing 108 bells in "Temple". !!

13. Japanese, very timed! ! Here too, the trains also lie "more than 18" seconds! !!

πŸ‘Œ14. "Vending Machine", that machine is !! In which a coin, something, etc. comes out !! Like that, noodles, eggs, bananas, etc !!

When you are in Japan, you will find these machines everywhere! It is on every road !! There are approximately "55 million vending machines" in Japan! !!

πŸ‘Œ15. In Japan, late night, "dance" is forbidden.

πŸ‘Œ16 In Japan, there is also a building, from which the "highway" passes.

πŸ‘Œ17. Japan is surrounded by four, and despite being surrounded by "sea", 27 percent of the fishes are from other countries !!

πŸ‘Œ18. "Black cat" is considered "lucky" in Japan,

πŸ‘Œ19. In Japan, 90% are "Mobile Water Proof"! ! Because these people bathing, they use the phone! !!

πŸ‘Œ20 In Japan, 70 types of "fanta" are available! !!

πŸ‘Œ21. In Japan, most roads are such that there is no name.

πŸ‘Œ 22 Near Japano, there are more than 20 ways to say "sorry".

πŸ‘Œ23. Japan is the world's largest, "automobile" manufacturer.

πŸ‘Œ24 In 2011, the "earthquake" that came in Japan !! It was the fastest earthquake to date.

πŸ‘Œ With this earthquake, in the "movement of motion" of the earth, there was an increase of 1.8 microseconds.

πŸ‘Œ25 Japan is the only country in the world !! On which "atom bomb" is attacked !!

πŸ‘Œ As you know, America, on 6 and 9 August 1945, "Hiroshima and Nagasaki" were hurled bombs !!

These bombs were named "Little-Boy" and "Fat-Man" !!

πŸ‘Œ26. Due to not being "Islam cult in Japan", there are no "sleeper cells" !! And there is not even a single "terrorist attack"

Japan is fully developed because here the workers and government employees get equal pay!

Education system is also similar; Poor rich have equal education.

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The best 108 sentences of Vidurali Ratna -

01. The whole world is a family for whose character is good.
02. Fraudster can never be a king.
03. Who wants the welfare of all, it is the greatest.
04. Where gambling is played, there is lack of Lakshmi there.
05. The Swami should never believe in the servant and on the servant.
06. Vinay and Vivek, instantly destroy disasters.
07. Never for the sake of happiness, do not forsake religion.
08. The wise keeps the poor here and the fool becomes richer.
09. Never ever forgive someone's forgiveness.
10. Never insult the fire, woman, goddess, god, guru and parents.
11. The king never stopped paying the servants of his kingdom.
12. The king, the widow, the soldier, the greedy, the most merciful, the extravagant and personal friend - should not be transferred to the money with these seven
13. Slothful, voracious, skinny, dumb, shrewd, angry, and bizarre traffickers - these seven should never give up at home.
14. It is said to be the best clan of the clan in the clan - penance, asthma, study, yagna, donation, goodness and holy marriage.
15. The king, the scholar, the elderly, the child, the patient, the crippled, the parents and the parents - the person gets angry with the angry person.
16. Patience, purushartha, holiness, pity, love affair, psychic and healthy body - these seven virtues always increase opiate wealth.
17. Who is rich but not virtuous. Do not associate with him.
18. All prarabadas are constantly supporting the constant purushartha.
19. Here 'straightforward' people are all annoying - not too easy to do.
20. 'Whatever was going to happen, it happened' - forget it and live in the present.
21. Keep love above all. But never trust.
22. Whoever does not even get angry, is a male yogi.
23. Without an invitation, you should never go to a stranger.
24. Practicing religion, earning a policy, is also a pity.
25. Protect all women in the house

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If you kidnap someone with an ATM card, do not protest.

Add card to ATM machine as per hijacker's wishes.

Dial Your Code Word Reverse Like if your code
Dial 4321 instead of 1234

By doing this, ATM will throw money out of danger.

But half of the ATM machine will be trapped.

In the meantime, ATM machine will alert the danger and notify the bank and the nearest police station, along with ...
The only ATM door
Auto will lock.

This way without
The hijackers begin to know you
Will be saved safely

ATM already has security mechanisms, which have lots of information
There are fewer people.

Please send me
Do not sweat

Friends ... Think of how important this message is to everyone!

All your friends can read it just by sending you ....

-Delhi police
Seeing Selfie's craze in recent wedding events

Now you have to print in Kankotti too.

Selfie Time: 9 to 10 in the morning

Note: The arrangement of a self-stick is kept.
Q.1 After the sentence of hanging, why do the judges break the pen's nibs?

Ans. The punishment of execution in our law is the biggest punishment. After the execution of the hanging sentence, the nib of the pen is broken, because if any one's life has ended with this pen, then it will never be used again. One reason is that once the decision has been made and the Nib Breaks are broken, the judge himself does not have the right to either review the judgments or to change the decision or try to reconsider.

Q.2 Who are present when hanging?

Ans. While hanging, only a few people are present, while hanging there, the jail superintendent, executive magistrate, hangman and doctor are present there. Can not be hanged without them.

Q.3 What does the executioner say before hanging?

Ans. The executioner speaks before the execution that I forgive him. Ram, Ram to the Hindu brothers, salute to the Muslims, what can we do? We are the slaves of the spies.

Q.4 Why are you hanged before sunrise in the morning?

Ans. Hanging is a huge task for jail officials and it is disposed of before the morning so that other prisoners and work are not affected. There are also moral reasons that it is not appropriate to wait for the person who has been awarded the death sentence, due to hanging in the morning, his house also gets full time for the funeral.

Q.5 What can the prison administration give in the last wish before hanging?

Ans. No one can be hanged without asking the last wish. In the last desire of the prisoner, meeting the relatives, eating a special dish or reading a religious book.

Q.6 How long are hangings for hanging?

Ans. Before the execution, the face of the mujrim is covered with black cotton cloth and hanged for 10 minutes, then the doctor can perform a checkup in the hanging trap and tell whether he is dead or not after hanging dead body. Is thrown by the trap.

6 interesting facts related to hanging

1. According to the Supreme Court guidelines, whose relatives are sentenced to death, the relatives should get the news at least 15 days in advance so that they can meet.

2. The hangover for the convicted prisoners prepares the prisoner who is serving the sentence in jail, you may be surprised, but this system is being run from the British era.

3. If it comes to hanging in any corner of the country, the hoax is prepared only in Buxar jail of Bihar, because the prisoners there are considered to be mastermakers.

4. The criterion is fixed on the thickness of the hanging trap. Instructions are to keep the trunk rope thicker than one and a half inches. Its length is also fixed.

5. The cost of hanging trap is extremely low. When Dhananjay was hanged ten years ago, then it was made available to jail administration in 182 rupees.

6. There are only two executioners for hanging in India. The government gives these 3,000 rupees a month to the hangers in which they live, and money is given separately for hanging others. On hanging members of the terrorist organizations, they are given high fees like execution of the killers of Indira Gandhi, Rs 25,000 was paid to the executioner.

7. In our country rare cases of death are punished. The court has to write in its verdict why the matter is considered to be the Rarest of the Rare?

 Slowly like to read ...
πŸ‘ŒIf you ask for help if you ask for help then ask because the trouble is a little late and the favor of life .....
A man has taken a human being for bread and given millions of crores, I did not know that poor was that I was ....
The wounds that do not cause blood, understand that the wounds are given by someone.
πŸ‘ŒBachpanan was also awesome, play on the terrace, on the terrace or on the ground, the eye opened only on the bed ...
πŸ‘ŒThe ones we are looking for, and find God are ...
πŸ‘ŒIf it is better to break a relationship than to show Ahankaar that the relationship should be performed by apologizing ....
πŸ‘ŒJindagi is also a strange definition. If you get burnt then it is a paradise, otherwise it is a paradise.
πŸ‘ŒThe happiness should be in fate, everyone smiles in the picture ...
πŸ‘Œjindigi has become a video game, make a level cross, the next level becomes difficult ...
πŸ‘Œ If so many people do not even want to get lakhs of rupees,
1. Anyone in Jiddangi
      Do not think useless
        Closed day too
          Tells the right time twice
2. Exploring someone's evil
      That person's example
       Which is like the fly
           Only sits on the wound
3. Breaks into poverty
      That relationship which is special
        Thousands make friends
          When money passes
4. Look at the smile
      The whole sky is colorful
        Varna Bhige Palako
          From the mirror too
             Look stupid
5..Fast things to get
      Does not last long
        And what's more
           Lasts till day
             He does not get fast
6. One of the bad days
      Good advantage
         Good friend
            Tests are done
7. Like the disease rabbit
      Comes and like turtle
        She goes
          While money is like turtle
             Comes and goes.
                Goes like
8. In short stages
      Should find pleasure
        Because the big guys
          There is nothing in life
9. Asking Some of God
      I do not get angry with you
        Not being as god
           Does not give you
             Sounds good rather
                That gives you
                    Is good
10. Continued
        Frustrated with failure
           Should not be
              Sometimes the last of the flakes
                  The key also unlocks
11. It is our thinking that
        That one alone
          What can
             Look at that sun
                He shines alone
12. No matter how bad the relationship is
        Do not bother them
          No matter how dirty the water is
             If thirst can not be extinguished
                 That fire can extinguish
13. Now Wafa's hope too
         To whom can
            Earthy people
               Sold in paper
14. Speaking like a human
         Do not come as animal
             It is good to be silent
15. When we say
         Did not know then
           Without saying 'mama'
             Our words were understandable
                 And today we talk about everything
                     It is said to leave 'mother'
                         You will not understand
16. I am thankful
        Of all those people
           Who in the worst time
              Left me
                 Because he had faith
                    That i'm in trouble
                       Can handle alone
17. From the embarrassment of shame
         Izzat's poverty is good
18. Leading to the jingle
         It is very important to come
            Because of direct line in ECG
                Means death
19. Relationships Nowadays
         Has become like
            A little bit like what happened
               Water becomes bleached
20. The good people in Jiddangi
        Do not seek
          Get yourself good
            Maybe you meet
               Get the lock of someone!
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------
"Heart Attack and Water"

How many people do you know that night
Avoid drinking water before sleeping because they have to wake up at night.

Heart Attack and Water - Never Had This Information!
The information is interesting.

The other person did not know that and asked the physician why some people have to wake up frequently to urinate on night. The answer given to heart disease Dr - when you are standing due to gravity, the water gets deposited in the lower part of your body (swelling of the foot). But when you sleep, your feet are parallel to the kidneys and then the kidneys throws the water out. It was known that you need water to get the toxic waste out of the body but this information was new.

The right time to drink water, a very important information given by a heart disease. At the right time
Water enhances its effectiveness in the body ------

(1) After burning in the morning, drinking 2 glasses of water activates internal organs.

(2) Drinking 1 glass of water half an hour before the meal activates digestion.

(3) Before bathing, 1 glass water keeps blood pressure lower.

(4) Drinking 1 glass of water before sleeping reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack.

(5) Drinking water at night, the muscles of the foot do not go out (barely speaking to the veins), the muscles need water, and if they do not get water then it will get stiff and you will be shouting.

In the 2008 issue of the American College of Cardiology, published in the journal, which states ...

(1) Heart attack is usually more likely to occur from 6 am to noon in the morning if there is heart attack during the night, it is also possible that something unusual happened to the person.

(2) If you take any medicines such as aspirin, then the medication should be taken at night, as the effect of aspirin 24
Hours stay for hours, so it's fastest in the morning
Amount has an effect.

(3) Aspirin can remain in your medicine container for many years and when it is old, then it comes like a vinegar (vinegar).

(4) The second thing that will help everyone - Bayer creates crystal-like aspirin which dissipates on the tongue. It works faster than normal tablet. For Aspirin Forever With You

 There are no 2 types of friends.
           1. Boots like
           2. like sleeper

Connects all the way to a boot.
Sleeper can support you in the summer and,
In the monsoon, it will fly apart!

If you are in luck, nobody can be robbed.
No one can suffer without destiny ..!

The rest will say so much.

Let go as much as possible ..

Rule in the same ..

Where are you going to be with.

Live and enjoy .. !!

Some other people who met their own
And some have even explained the meaning of their own, strangers ... !!

Relation, problem
       Keep the mind up ..
       Left - daughter is very much
       "Small" is only ..!

I am the one who is against everyone,
I do not want to talk about it.

Whose love is found
          Take it
Laughing a little while in life
Find a lot in the world
Who are also undeveloped people
You become yours
         Save it ..!

If you want some touch of love,
There is also a touch screen in man ...
**************************************************************************************************** *************************************************************

πŸ™ Read all

One evening came home from work. With the opening of the door of the house, the bearer said in the heart of the wail, "You are your father's sister, from a gombe. It seems to be in some trouble from her face"

With the hearing, the husbands' husbands went off. They had to shut down a small business and start a new job. And the money was given to the house. In this case, Goddess Bapuji has come, only to ask someone for help.
The brother was shocked by this idea only. At home he bowed down to the face with a glowing face. After eating the evening meal, the father told the son, "Beta, you have to talk a little bit"

I do not want to be able to do anything, but I do not know why I have not been able to do anything. Could tell them my problem ".

When the father was handed over to the son of a son who was caught in a vicious cycle of thoughts, the son came to know that the father had come and sat beside him. Dad said to the son, "Beta, if you used to call me by phone at least once a month, but for the last 4 months you have not received any phone, so you and your mom felt like there was some problem. I could have done this, but I had some jewelery.
I have brought 50,000 rupees for you. I will go to the village tomorrow morning, but keep calling the bus! Your mom is very worried. And if there is a problem, do not hesitate. If you have to sell the land, then you will also sell it. "

By talking about this, the father put a note bundle in his son's hand. The girl could not speak anything, only the wet eyes were watching the face of the father. The one who conceived as a beggar's beggar came to be a God.

Friends, our father, who is helping us by giving everything to us at the time of our difficulties, is not in trouble anymore.
The duty to see is not only God's, but ours.


Do not skip forwarding to another group before placing a deleted one. If someone's eyes open, the sender will get the merits of pointing fingers. Thanks !!

**************************************************************************************************** *****************
55 beautiful words written by "Jackson Brown" PLZ VACHJO MAST CHAI

1. The initiative to say "camel" should be done only every time.

2. Try to buy the best books, whether it is read or not read.

3. Do not ever touch any extended (friendship) hand.

4. Be brave or look like it.

5. Learn to play whistle while enjoying.

6. Think twice before telling someone a personal thing.

7. Do not ever regret anybody

8. Good to learn a foreign language learned.

9. Do not break any hopeful thing, it is possible that he only has one hope.

10. Credit cards are meant to save, not to lease.

11. Keep TV off while eating at night.

12. Avoid meeting people with negative emotions.

13. Look at every politician with suspicion.

14. Give each person a second chance, not a third.

15. Close the cover of the cover after using toothpaste.

16. Explain the value of money and the importance of savings since the children are small.

17. Do not cut the knot which can be left behind.

18. Keep on taking care of what you really love.

19. Arrange to go on a picnic with frequent family members even if you do not afford them.

20. Avoid thousands of judges from any court case.

21. Avoid discussions of gossip, slander, gambling and salary of anybody.

22. Do not believe that you will always get justice in life.

23. Keep a little work on Sunday too.

24. Do not waste time playing cards. Otherwise, you will lose time.

25. Do not get carried away in the kitchen by placing unheeded utensils in the kitchen.

26. Remember that people are not interested in your problems.

27. Live life without regret.

28. Keep preparing to lose sometime but always try to win.

29. Control the tongue when it comes to criticizing your parents, spouse or children.

30. Speak loudly by lifting the receiver when the phone rings.

31. Be careful while using words in conversation.

32. Attend the children's school program.

33. You will not take the credit of another's intellect.

34. Speak the following 5 sentences at the beginning of the day
1. I am the BEST

Tazurba is mine .... the hold of the soil is strong,

On the marble we have seen the foot slipping ...!


Life does not need to take such a head,

No one will survive alive from here!

Those who had only coins were roasting in the rain ...

Those who had notes in their pocket kept looking for the roof ...


Money can take up the man;
But human money can not be taken up ......


Earnings can be small or big ....

But the size of the bread is almost the same in all the houses.

  : πŸ‘Œ Great talkπŸ‘Œ

Humans want to fly,

And Parinde thinks that staying home should be ...

Karmo is only identified by human beings ...

If you want clothes, then you also wear 'pupil' in shops! ..

Chand laini for the entire group ... ..

Every moment we got a call from life,
Occasionally not found every day

Just wanted a good friend
From life ...
But me, of the whole scholars
Got the army
Our Group No Washing Powder
Use first, then believe
do !
Our group is LIC!

          Even with life,
          Even after life ....

I do not know if I'm a great group member or not ...
But I'm pretty sure that
All the members of the group I am in ...
Very Excellent ... πŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸ‘


Someone's dreams are colored in college,

Someone else's black


Someone's Pants LOOSE, Someone's Jeans


Are there.


If anyone's SKIN


And the boy,

Back on-line

The whole NIGHT is there.

In Array College, such as JLSA INFINITE


Is there.

That's why friends, college

We have GOLDEN-LIFE in

Looking at someone's eyes in college, LOVE AT


SIGHT is there.

Then sometimes flirting, sometimes



Is there.

And then in college, the high-


Are there.

Even if UP is done, on the heart


Have BITE.

FAAM may occur in EXAM,



And then in the memories of LOVER,

Devadas Deim


At the same college, our FEELINGS


That's why friends, college

We have GOLDEN-LIFE in

Sometimes with friends in the cante,

PEPSI in hand


And when given the photo,


There are many LIKE on

BUNK, sometimes in class,


Strike is in college.

And then with GIRL-FRIEND,

There is a SPORT BIKE in hand.

Sometimes in College EVENT, at STAGE

Have a MIKE in hand.

And then you have to speak, and talk


There is something.

Hey college, do it every day

Have a new Surprize.

That's why friends, college

We have GOLDEN-LIFE in

No girl in college, FARWARD and

FATION, if any beautiful and

DRESS is about to be.

No one is passionate about education, no one

There is anger in speech.

Watching a girl, Dell's mobile,


MODE is gone.

And after returning from the mouth, OH MY GOD

Is there.

Thus, in the eyes of the boy,

Many TYPE of girl


Is there.

So in college, anyone

The boy has a favorite WIFE.

And in college, any



All in the college, whatever.



That's why friends, college

We have GOLDEN-LIFE in

If after college, all of the friends,

Apart from each other


Is there.

Even if away, all of them

Have to

Is there.

Sometimes in the memories of college,



Is there.

Then on FACEBOOK, ours


It's full of.

That is why, our hands,

Such poetry is compelled to write.

In our college, our GOLDEN DAYS


There is hardly a NIGHT.

That's why friends, college

We have GOLDEN-LIFE in

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**************************************************************************************************** *
Lessons will leave the work ...
      The more you leave the village ......
After reading the Viayat, he would leave "Ram" ....
The one who understands Satupurush leaves the worldly life ....
If you feel sad in life
                     Laugh ...
If you spend millions of rupees ...
                       Rejected ..
But ...
    Life it

Do not tell your cronies how big your problem is;
Tell your troubles how big your crossover is.

The teacher asked: What is the difference between village and city?
A child responded well.
The only difference is that dogs roam in villages and cows are followed, while dogs are kept in the city and cows roam.
The bitter truth of life: Children are found in orphaned ashrams, poor elders and elderly people get rich.
Everything changes with time, at one time it was called ેango πŸ‘, it's like saying today like..☺




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